MagicBox 600

Level Up.

MagicBox 600 is the ultimate telephone network simulator designed for escape rooms. 

Connect any analog phone to the box and create limitless interactive puzzle experiences. 

Let your player dial out countless numbers to retrieve clues. Have them try to break into a voicemail system. Or surprise them when the phone rings to announce an incoming call.

Powerful. Flexible. Compact.

  • Flexible

    Create unlimited dialing rules for incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Ring. Ring.

    Admit it, you always wanted to hear the mechanical bell on that retro phone ring. Now, you will. Setup an incoming call rule and trigger it externally or via a timer.

  • Configurable

    Customize voice prompts (wrong number, incomplete dialing, etc.), signaling tones (dial tone, busy tone, reorder tone, off-hook tone) and ring duration. Randomize ring duration for more realistic game play.

  • Seemless Integration

    Set off an action in the game room once the puzzle is solved. Release an electromagnetic latch, turn on an LED indicator or control other devices via the output connector. Use the input connector to trigger an incoming call.

  • Caller ID

    Control what caller id information is displayed during an incoming call. Customize name, phone number and date/time. Or set it to unknown caller for dramatic effect.

  • Voice Mail

    Turn phone message waiting indicator on or off at will. Deliver clues via the voice mailbox simulator, accessible by customizable PIN.

  • Easy Setup via WiFi

    Nothing to download. Access the configuration interface with your browser. Use WiFi to setup the system or monitor game progress in real time. 

    WiFi is not required to run the game, only for setup.

  • Audio Out Jack

    Connect a stand alone powered speaker to the integrated audio out jack. Let every player in the room hear the other end of the conversation so they don't miss important clues.

  • Compact

    Measures only 3.15 x 2.76 x 1.1 in (L x W x H). Can easily be concealed anywhere in the room.

Complete Control

You spend a lot of time designing the perfect immersive escape room game experience. The MagicBox 600 setup application provides you with the very detailed level of control you need to create that.

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