Phone Compatible with MagicBox 600

Many different phones have been tested to be compatible with MagicBox 600. From modern cordless handsets to fifty years old telephones with mechanical ringer. While most landline telephone certified for North America use should operate correctly, we specifically recommend the following models.

For retro rotary dial phone, look for a Western Electric Bell Systems phone on eBay. Make sure the phone line connection is wired to the 2-wire standard, otherwise the bell will not ring on incoming calls.

Search eBay for Western Electric Bell Systems rotary phones

For touch tone desktop style, this new phone is a great option. It is not as sturdy as vintage desktop phones, but it has a mechanical bell ringer.

Cortelco ITT-2500 Landline Telephone

For a cordless phone, this handset supports caller ID information and voicemail message waiting indicator.

VTech Cordless Phone*


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